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Triangle Green Bug This cute & colorful bug here is made with Glass beads and wire (finally something to do with those triangle beads!). The smallest of all of the bugs, he gets into tight spots.


This bug loves plants and people! He's made with glass beads and wire.
He's already "buggin" someone else, but I would love to make a bug for you! You have control of the color, size and anything else your bug has to have!
Foil Bug

Fat Bug One FRIENDLY big bug that WON'T bite!!! Made with glass beads & wire, he really adds something unique to your plants or outdoor garden!

Made with thick aluminum wire, these flowers don't need to be watered. You can specify the color of beads you'd like, the size if the flower...LOTS of variations for these cuties!

Here's another picture with the flowers in some of my plants.

Isn't it CUTE!!! Aluminum wire takes on a life of its own when sahaped into the fun and lively plant or yard stake. Aluminum retains is bright shiny appearance (no rust), so it'll look good inside or outside!  

Two aluminum flowers in a straight glass vase and a blue mixture of glass pebbles to mimic the water. No worries though, these will never die!!!
Two flowers in a vase

Another vase, wrapped by hand in copper wire, with an assortment of beautiful flowers and stems. This was a Mother's Day gift.

This is one of two coordinating wreathes I did at Christmas time last year. VERY pretty!
Angel on Wreathe

More Metal Flowers Another vase with wire flowers and space fillers in a straight round vase that is wire wrapped, and standing on wire swirls.

Aluminum wire is coerced into holding four candle votive jars which are illuminated with tea lights.
Candle Mobile

Rock Clock OK, not the best picture, I know.
This already has a home, however something similar to it could be made. The face is aluminum that has been texturized, and the painted in several layers of a unique kind of optical paint. From one angle it looks gold'ish, and another angle it looks purple'ish (sort of eggplant).
The base is a large piece of marble that is beautiful in its own right.


Copyright AllThingsAngie.com 2006. All Rights Reserved. Photos by Angela and Brad Simonsen