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Personalized Jewelry

This is a showcase of personalized items that I have been commissioned for.
Please contact me (angie at weirdlywiredjewelry.com) if you have questions or would like a price for something similar.
Please see FONTS AND SYMBOLS page for options.

NEW! Click on the picture to order!!!
Infinity Bracelet with Stamped Initials
Infinity Bracelet with Stamped Initials - click the picture to order!
NEW! Click on the picture to order!!!
Stamped Initial Charm Necklace
Stamped Initial Charm Necklace

Nebraska-The Good Life Bracelet
Forever Red NE Bracelet

Copper Nebraska Bracelet
Custom Copper Medic Alert Bracelet

Namaste Om Symbol Necklace
Baby Feet Stamped Mother's Necklace

Tiny Messages Necklace-It is what it is
Custom Medic Alert Key Chain

Medic Alert Dog Tag Necklace-Back
Medic Alert Dog Tag Necklace-Front

Medic Alert Cuff Worn
Medic Alert Cuff Worn - send email.
Live To Quilt Bookmark

Stamped Interlocking Circles Necklace
Infinity Mothers Charm Bracelet

Infinity Bracelet Set-His and Hers
Wide Leather Stamped Bracelet

Trinity Pendant-Be Honest Be Kind Be True
Trinity Pendant It is what it is

Sterling Trinity Stamped Pendant
Stamped Heart Pendant
Stamped Heart Pendant - send email.

Stamped Bookmark Set
Stamped Bookmark Set - send email.
She Believed She Could So She Did Bracelet

Tivoli Fest Iowa Key Chains
Believe Bracelet
Believe Bracelet - send email.

The Good Life Nebraska Bracelet
Sterling Quote Bracelet

Stay Strong Stamped Necklace
Nebraska Bracelet Brown Leather

Infinity It is what it is Necklaces
Hoping for Peace Bracelet

Custom Christmas Ornament
Custom Cross Wall Hanging

Copper Infinity Remembrance Bracelet
Be Still Ruby Zoisite Bracelet

Stamped Plate on Leather Bracelet
Dog Tag Key Chain with GPS

Sea Glass Copper Bookmark
Nebraska Alabama Key Chains

Mixed Metal Stacked Pendant
Custom Initials Necklace

Be The Change 1972 stamped penny
Updated Symbols Sampler

Stamped Lucky Penny Bracelet-CBC
Lucky Penny Bracelet-1974

1979 Stamped Lucky Penny
1978 Key Chain Lucky Penny

Stamped Penny Key Chain Set
Lucky Penny Key Chain-1991

1972 Penny-stamped key chain
1957 LUCKY Penny
1957 LUCKY Penny - send email.

Quarter Key Chain - stamped
Stamped Penny Key Chains

Men's Infinity Bracelet-Stamped
Stamped Remembrance Keychain

Stamped Rings Remembrance Necklace
Stay Strong Charms
Stay Strong Charms - send email.

Large Infinity with 3 charms
Infinity bracelet with large Labradorite

Stamped bookmark-Be You. The world will adjust.
Type 1 Diabetic Medic Alert Bracelet

Cross Country Running Necklace
Four names stamped rings Mother's Bracelet

Women's Infinity Bracelet with Sapphire
Copper and Sterling Medic Alert Bracelet

Dad's Copper washer stamped necklace
Copper washer stamped with birthstone

Four stamped intials necklace
Author quote stamped bookmark

Stamped Dog Tags-Mixed Metals
Stamped Intial Bar Pendant

Stamped Iowa Copper
Stamped Iowa Copper - send email.
I love to quilt stamped bracelet

H.C. Andersen Bookmark
Stamped Disney bookmark

SS Infinity with Copper Heart Initial Slide Pendant
Stamped Quote Bracelet-PJ

Sterling Stamped Rings-Mothers Necklace
Stamped Copper Washer-MOTHER necklace-PJ

Stamped Sterling Rings - Stackers-PJ
Infinity IT IS WHAT IT IS Leather Bracelet-PJ

Grandmother's Necklace
Stamped Medical ID Copper Cuff-PJ

Custom Stamped Copper Cuff-PJ
Bridesmaid Infinity Bracelets

Stamped Mother's Necklace with Puffy Heart
Sterling Infinity Bracelet-stamped

Name Charm with Baby Feet
Stay Strong Sterling Charm

NEW! Click on the picture to order!!!
Infinity Wedding Bracelet
Infinity Bracelet with Stamped Initials - click the picture to order!
Mother's Pendant-Name and Birthdate

Stamped Mothers Pendant with name and date
NEW! Click on the picture to order!!!
Stamped Initial Charm Necklaces
Stamped Initial Charm Necklace

Stamped Grandmothers Necklace with eight names
Four names stamped washer with birthstones

Infinity and Cross Necklace-Swarovski Birthstones
Infinity Bracelet-Stamped Charms/Birthstones

Infinity Bracelet with Initials and Birthstones
Mothers Infinity Bracelet with Stamped Charms

Stamped Grandmothers Necklace 6 Names
Grandmothers Necklace - Five Names

Stamped Washer Pendant-Labradorite
Stamped Mothers Pendant with birthstones and spirals

Infinity and Leather Mens Bracelet
Infinity and Leather Mens Bracelet
Stamped Sterling Cuff-Ruby Bouquet

Sterling Bracelet Aquamarine Charm
It is what it is stamped light bracelet

Stamped Nurse Charm
Stamped Nurse Charm - send email.
Mothers Necklace with Baby Feet

Light Weight Sterling Stamped Bracelet
Sterling Cuff Labradorite Charm

Individual Stamped Name Charm
Go with the flow stamped washer

Sterling Stamped Cuff Bracelet
Nurse's Stethoscope Marker

It is what it is Chain Bracelet
Copper Cuff-dream seek believe

Leather Wrap Bracelet with Moustache Charm
Stamped Copper Golf Marker

It is what it is light bracelet
Heart Moustache Necklace

Stamped and Domed Mothers Necklace with Swarovski
Three Line Stamped Medical Alert Bracelet

Silver Washer stamped with two names
Stamped Sterling Disc with Copper Flower

Ranch Brand Necklace
Ranch Brand Necklace - send email.
Sinlge Wrap Leather Bracelet wit Message

It is what it is Copper Cuff Set
Mother's Remembrance Necklace with Baby Feet

Stamped Mother's Necklace-Riveted
Stamped Washer Remembrance Necklace

Heart and Flower Stamped Bracelet with Ruby
Stamped Copper Mother's Necklace with Birthstones

Mixed Metals and Shapes Stamped Grandmother's Necklace
Sterling Brass Copper layered Necklace

Stamped Sterling Washer with Swarovski
Names, Dates and Stones Stamped Washer

Stamped Copper Washer with Ruby
Two Stamped Hearts Bracelet

Layered Stamped Mixed Metal Necklaces-Grady Girls!
Three Layer Stamped Pendant

Stamped Sterling Washer's Necklace-Kim
Copper Washer Mother's Necklace with Aquamarine

Stamped Copper Washer's Necklace-Dan
Mixed Metal Mother's Pendant with Swarovski

Sterling Washer Pendant with Labradorite
Well behaved women rarely make history-Stamped Sterling cuff

Two sided Infinity Charm Pendant
Infinity Charm-Back with Intials

Stamped Mothers Pendant-Sarah
Tiny Messages Stamped Bracelet-Sterling

Sterling Washer Stamped Pendant Necklace
Keep Calm and Carry On Copper Bracelet

Hollow Copper Heart with Turquoise
Stamped Sterling Bracelet Set-Mosaic

Stamped Copper Heart Bracelet
Gemstone Charm Bracelet

Mother's Stamped Bracelet Charm
Riveted Mixed Metal Stamped Dog Tag

Stamped Sterling Silver Bracelet-Amethyst Charm
Stamped Sterling Silver Bracelets

Infinity SS Bracelet-It is what it is
Stamped Copper Medic Alert Bracelet-Donna

Wire Cross - Smith
Wire Cross - Smith - send email.
It is what it is Bracelet-Tourmaline Circle2

Magnesite Black Stone Engraved Bracelet
Stamped Layered Keychains

Medical Alert Stamped Charm Bracelet
Medical Alert Stamped Charm Bracelet

Picture Jasper Engraved Bracelet
Rhodochrosite Engraved Bracelet

Stamped Tags-Coppers & Brass
Mother's Necklace-Swarovski Birthstone Charm

Mother's Necklace - Kay
Layered Mother's Pendant-Four Names

It is what it is-turquoise charm
It is what it is-inside stamp detail

It is what it is sterling bangle
Stamped Copper Washer-Aquamarine & Tourmaline

Stamped Sterling Cuff-Inside stamping detail
Stamped Sterling Cuff-Block Uppercase

Sterling Cuff Bracelet-Aquamarine Charm
Copper Cuff Bracelet-Stamped

Sterling Cuff Bracelet-Sapphire Charm
Love knows no distance bracelet

Wire Wall Cross-Mulek
Wire Wall Cross-Mulek - send email.
Mother's Bracelet-Stamped Charms

Stamped Necklace & Earrings Set
Stamped Earrings
Stamped Earrings - send email.

Custom Wired & Stamped Cross-Gesser
Stamped Sterling & Brass Pendant

Stamped Mother's Pendant
Mother's Birthstone Necklace-Twisted Copper
Custom Wire and Stamped Cross-Olson
Custom Wire and Stamped Cross-Chonis
Stamped Sterling Cuff w/Rainbow Tourmaline
Custom Mother's Stamped Pendant Necklace
Flowered Copper Cuff
Flowered Copper Cuff
Four Disc Stamped Pendant
Symbols Sampler
Symbols Sampler - send email.
Custom Stamped Wire Cross
Stamped Pendant with Birthstones-Jana
Stamped Remembrance Necklace
Mixed Metal Pendant-Blank
Stamped Mixed Metal Keychain
Sterling Silver Ohm Necklace
Engraved Mother's Bracelet-Jade
Engraved Mother's Bracelet-Amethyst
Engraved Mother's Bracelet-Turquoise and Wood
Stamped Copper Washer Mother's Necklace
Mixed Metal Stamped Charm-Toth
Stamped Sterling Bracelet Center
Stamped Necklace Charm with Swarovski and wired bail
Stamped Sterling Cuff w/Labradorite & Black Diamonds Flower
Stamped Medic Alert Copper Cuff
Mixed Metal Stamped Keychain
Stamped Medical Alert Bracelet
Stamped Sterling Cuff w/Labradorite Flower
Stamped Necklace Charm with Swarovski
Mixed Metal Stamped Pendant with Wedding Date
Mixed Metal Stamped Pendant-Coil Bail
Mixed Metal Stamped Pendant-Coil Bail2
Stamped Copper Keychain
Stamped Sterling Cuff Bracelet - It is what it is
Stamped Layered Circle Mothers Pendant
Broken Heart & Band Aid's Pendant
Stamped Copper Cuff
Stamped Copper Cuff - send email.
You Have My Heart Necklace
Stamped Sterling Cuff - Sarah
Hollow Copper Heart Pendant - Moriah
Hollow Copper Heart - Both
Hollow Copper Heart - Sheila
Stamped Copper Washer Necklace
Hollow Copper Heart Pendant - Chris
3 Metal Stamped Necklace Charm - Marie
Jordan's Hollow Copper Heart w/Labradorite
Stamped Cuff Bracelet-DARK
Four Names Stamped Mother's Necklace
Stamped Copper Tag Charm W/Tourmaline
Stamped Sterling Heart Pendant
Stamped Necklace Charms-Copper and Brass
Stamped Copper Heart Bracelet Charms
Sterling Stamped Brides Maids Necklaces
Three Metal Stamped Necklace Charm Pendant
Stamped Cuff Bracelet-DARK
Four Name Stamped Mother's Necklace
Skylar Stamped Pendant
Three metal stamped pendant w/Baby
Three Boys - three metals
Three metal stamped pendant w/Swirly Heart
Stamped Charm Bracelet w/Swarovski
Brass round, Copper Tag Stamped Pendants
KLD Set - send email.
Stamped for Angie C
Stamped for Angie C - send email.
Three Name Stamped Set
Four Stamped Charms
Four Stamped Charms - send email.
Halo Dog Tag
Halo Dog Tag - send email.
Hunter & Hadley Bracelet
Stapmed Cuff Bracelet
Stapmed Cuff Bracelet - send email.
The Family Necklace
The Family Necklace - send email.
Stamped Focal Heart Necklace
The Family Bracelet
The Family Bracelet - send email.
Three Metal Stamped Bracelet Charm
Mixed Metal Stamped Heart - Haylee Ann
Stamped Hearts/Layered Circles Mosaic
Remembrance Bracelet #2

Four Names Stamped Heart Necklace
Zach-Stamped Layered Mixed Metal Heart

Mixed Metal Layered Circle Charm-Owen
Layered & Riveted Necklace Charm

Jackson Mothers Stamped Bracelet
GMA & GPA Bracelet
GMA & GPA Bracelet - send email.

3 Disc Stamped Name Bracelet
Remembrance Bracelets
Remembrance Bracelets - send email.

Stamped Heart Charm
Stamped Heart Charm - send email.

Three Strand Mother's Bracelet-Ewalt
Grandmother's Bracelet in Silver & Gold

Swarovski Heart Pendants
Swarovski Birthstone Cross Necklace

J Mixed Gemstone Pendant
Wire Heart Mother's Name Bracelet

Wire L Monogram Swarovski Pendant
C Monogram Wire Pendant

Letter A Wire Monogram Swarovski Pendant
Nelson Mother Name Bracelet

Two Strand Mother's Bracelet
Chakra Name Bracelet
Chakra Name Bracelet - send email.

Coiled Heart Swarovski Birthstone Pendant
Letter N Monogram Mixed Gemstone Pendant

Mixed Gemstone Mother's Bracelet
Three Strand Mother's Name Bracelet

Turquoise Name Bracelet
Wire Components Name Bracelet

Letter S Mixed Gemstone Monogram
Letter C Mixed Gemstone Monogram

Bling Mother's Bracelet

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